Identity pt 3: Created in His Image.

Published on 11 May 2023 at 19:12

Identity pt 3: Created in His Image (Reclaiming Our God-Given Identity in a Culture of Confusion)

Introduction - In a world filled with conflicting messages about identity and purpose, it's essential to recognize and embrace our God-given identity as being created in His image. Our identity as Christians is rooted in our relationship with God and in His divine design. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of being created in God's image, the inherent value and worth it bestows upon us, and the unique role we have in His creation. We will also identify cultural influences that obscure our understanding of our true identity and examine how to counteract these influences by turning to Scripture, prayer, and fellowship. Furthermore, we will discuss strategies for reclaiming our God-given identity and living it out amidst a culture of confusion, empowering us to walk confidently in our faith and fulfill the 

    divine mission that God has entrusted to each of us. Join us on this journey of self-discovery as we uncover the beauty and purpose of our identity in Jesus Christ.


    The significance of being created in God's image.

    Being created in God's image means that we reflect His nature and attributes, such as love, creativity, and wisdom. This divine connection gives us an inherent sense of worth and purpose, as we were designed to live in relationship with God and others. Our identity in Christ transcends temporary, worldly labels and is rooted in our eternal, unchanging status as children of God. Understanding our creation in God's image empowers us to live lives marked by love, grace, and service, modeling the character of Christ to those around us. Furthermore, it provides a solid foundation for our self-worth, affirming that our value is not based on external factors but on our identity as image-bearers of the Creator.


    Cultural influences that obscure our understanding of our true identity.

    Today's culture often promotes an understanding of identity that is based on superficial factors such as appearance, social status, and achievements. These cultural influences can lead to confusion and a distorted sense of self, as we may begin to base our worth on these temporary, external factors instead of our God-given identity. Social media, in particular, can exacerbate this issue, as it frequently encourages comparison and self-promotion, causing us to lose sight of our intrinsic value as image-bearers of God. Additionally, the secular worldview that dominates much of modern society tends to dismiss the importance of biblical spirituality and our connection to the divine, further obscuring our true identity and purpose as children of God.


    Reclaiming our God-given identity through Scripture, prayer, and fellowship.

    To counteract the cultural influences that obscure our understanding of our true identity, we can engage in the following practices:


    • Scripture: Regularly study the Bible to remind ourselves of the truth about our identity in Christ, as being created in God's image and redeemed by His grace. By meditating on God's Word and applying it to our lives, we can renew our minds and resist the lies that the world tells us about our worth and purpose.
    • Prayer: Consistently communicate with God, asking Him to reveal our true identity and guide our thoughts and actions according to His divine design. As we deepen our relationship with God through prayer, we will grow in our understanding of our identity and become more attuned to His will for our lives.
    • Fellowship: Actively participate in Christian community, where we can encourage and support one another in our journey of understanding and living out our God-given identity. By surrounding ourselves with fellow believers who share our faith and values, we can create an environment that fosters spiritual growth and helps us to resist the pressures of a culture that seeks to define us by worldly standards.


    Strategies for embracing and living out our true identity in Christ amidst a culture of confusion.

    To embrace and live out our true identity in Christ, despite the confusing messages of our culture, we can employ the following strategies:


    • Establish a strong foundation: Develop a deep understanding of our identity in Christ through regular engagement with Scripture, prayer, and Christian community. This solid foundation will help us remain grounded in our faith and resist the temptation to define ourselves by cultural standards.
    • Discern cultural messages: Critically evaluate the messages we receive from our culture, determining whether they align with our God-given identity or contradict it. By developing discernment, we can avoid being swayed by false ideas about our worth and purpose and stay true to our identity in Christ.
    • Align our thoughts and actions: Continuously assess our thoughts, actions, and desires to ensure they align with our true identity in Christ, resisting the pressure to conform to worldly standards. This ongoing process of self-reflection and realignment will help us live authentic lives that glorify God and reflect our God-given identity.
    • Remember the microphone and fly swatter analogy: When faced with confusion about our identity and purpose, think of the analogy where a microphone is designed to amplify sound, not to swat flies. This analogy serves as a reminder that our true identity and purpose come from our Creator, and when we live according to our God-given design, we can fulfill our divine purpose and avoid the pitfalls of a confused identity. By focusing on the unique purpose for which we were created, we can confidently navigate the confusing messages of our culture and maintain a clear sense of our identity in Christ.


    Conclusion - As we navigate the culture of confusion, it is crucial to reclaim our God-given identity as being created in His image. By engaging in practices such as Scripture reading, prayer, and fellowship, and employing strategies to embrace and live out our true identity in Christ, we can experience the joy, freedom, and purpose that come from knowing who we are in Him. Our God-given identity enables us to overcome the challenges of life, resist the temptation to define ourselves by worldly standards, and fulfill our divine mission to love God and serve others. In a world that constantly seeks to define us by fleeting and superficial factors, let us remain rooted in our identity as children of God, created in His image, and empowered to live out our unique purpose in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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